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Not even slightly

When I was reading on my phone, advertisers had no trouble in hijacking the browser, throwing away the site I was wanting to look at, and scream about how many hundreds of viruses my phone supposedly has. They had no problems in taking note of my phone and pushing a half megabyte APK that I didn't want every sodding page refresh. And then I get texts from Orange saying that a payment has been refused because I have not activated Internet+. WTF?

Sorry. The average advertiser has no qualms in actually trying to steal from me; bandwidth and just basic money. So screw the advertisers. I'm now using Firefox to run blocking. There is no whitelist, and if something demands third party advertising to be enabled, I'll just walk away and go look elsewhere. If I trust you, I'll run YOUR scripts. But no amount of trust will convince me that allowing random scripts from who knows where is ever going to be a good idea.

You want to advertise to me? It's easy. Run the scripts on your server to embed the advertising in your page. But wait, that won't happen will it?

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