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Steven Roper

My adblocker policy

Sites that have hard blocks against adblockers end up in my hosts file, as do sites that let Google index their news articles but hide those articles behind a paywall. (Note: changing your user-agent to look like the Googlebot still usually only lets you see the headline and one paragraph, not the whole thing)

My hosts file is quite large.

Sites that ask nicely for a whitelisting without blocking access get considered. If their content is engaging enough that I return a second time I give them a free trial on my whitelist. If their ads are too annoying or intrusive (<cough>El Reg</cough>) the trial gets cancelled and they get blocked again. Such websites can get another free trial if they state that they have since taken measures to reduce the annoyance of their ads.

Otherwise if the site's ads aren't too annoying or intrusive I give them permanent position on my whitelist, so as to help them out and keep them going.

My whitelist is quite small.

Obviously, the advertising industry and overly pushy clickbait sites have quite a way to go before they get the message. I sometimes wonder if it will even happen in my lifetime. Somehow, I doubt it.

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