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Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...

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They want honest?

OK, here it is then...

Most of the news sites I used to visit got so up themselves with adverts that it was taking an age to load each page so I put in a blocker. Now those sites not only have even more ads and pop-ups that I just don't go there, some of them don't even do more than add some 'follow the twitterati' stories and have multiple copies of the same article spread around the home page (Telegraph I am looking squarely at you here).

I now use Reuters for raw news and they are whitelisted since they have a very clean site, it does have ads but pages load very fast so I am happy to let that through. For tech news I come here obviously and also go to more focussed sites for the products I support.

If I try a new news-site and the page fills with ads, I just don't go back.

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