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beware of the definition of "mundane tasks."

Still waiting for my robot butler.

Now that we know the actual size of the human brain, and it's processing power, we know how dumb all those 1960's "Computers taking over" story plots were.Taking over the world at 1MHz and

with 2 1/4 MB of RAM (roughly the DEC 36 that ran PLANNER).

We also now know we can build a server farm with at least 1 human processing throughput. It's 1 human, but it thinks several thousand times faster than that human. And it can be replicated fairly easily with enough money.

The question then becomes is it "AI" or is it just a specialist program chomping on a big set of data or is it the class of problems it's solving (normally only viewed as solvable with "intelligence") that makes it "AI" ?

Still waiting for the robot butler.

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