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Where is the AI?

Spelling and Grammar checkers are not much better than late 1980s. Why can't I get an AI to proof read a computer stored text?

Actually compilers are at a similar level to 1990s at initial parsing, and better than MS Office or LibreOffice for SIMPLE STUPID PUNCTUATION! Except we have all these stupid Web server files using maybe 6 languages and only a text editor that can spot mis-matched pairs of symbols and almost no source text checking before you try accessing it via a web client, because so much of it is scripting. HTML, ColdFusion, SQL, Javascript run on client, etc all in one file, maybe with php too.

After 40 years of programming, courses on AI and studying it, it seems unrelated to Intelligence and more clever ways of making and accessing databases, plus a load of marketing.

We don't even have a sensible definition of biological intelligence.

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