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The trick is to never-ever admit to any wrongdoing or fault. Sounds simple, but most of us have a natural reflex called conscience.

But rest assured - it's not just execs that move around from company to company like a Grass Hopper plague (they usually bring their buddies along).

I know plenty of "corporate passengers" that do the same in the mid-management level. The difference between the Grass Hoppers and the Corporate Passengers is that the Grass Hoppers are so greedy they consume as much and fast as possible even to the detriment of the company. The Corporate Passengers just try to go as long as possible for their incompetence to go unnoticed and hope for a redundancy payout at the end.

And finally there are the guys on Golden Parachutes who get put on "Special Projects". They're essentially dead weight but they've been around since the beginning and no manager wants to make the unpopular decision to let them go. That's like one of those lottery wins where you don't get a lump sum, but about 10.000$ each week for the rest of your life. - Or until the company finally wants to hand out a massive separation payment.

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