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There still clueless and haven't figured it out yet or don't want to accept what they're own eye's are telling them is fact, SCO Unixware from AT&T is not UNIX - BSD & Linux are variant's of a DIALECT of C - hell it's not even close to REAL UNIX, Genuine Research Unix, "multi-level secure IX" is a whole different Kettle of fish and it's bug free to boot, it's all about whats been sitting Downstream and has been since 1986 not whats sitting Upstream! Secret? The only secret, is that anyone could be so stupid as to be suckered in by the GCC in partnership with SCO AT&T Unixware & Microsoft & Co with it's GNU DIALECT of C with C++ added to it, causing multiple malfunction across a broad spectrum of platforms and a generation of imbeciles wanting to run off and pen-test everything ie: world and its dog!

Oh wait, what you've actually got a secure operating system - but are unsure of how it works or what a SANE filing system means? Well must be that "Genuine Research UNIX" is for extremists, there's no doubt about that!

Proudly presenting "System IX" the successor to Unix, with the ACID debugger - bug free since 1986!

Research Unix only officially made it to version 7, version's 8, 9 & 10 where vaporware that never existed outside of a laboratory and was soon replaced by a successor that nobody even look's at, because there far too busy trying to figure out why abandon-ware doesn't work, can you say endless cash-flow?

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