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The Windows 10 Free Upgrade is indeed Computer Misuse if only, despite heavy advertising and frequent warnings of its impending actions, Microsoft eventually disregarded its own guidelines on Dialog design and treated dismissal of a dialog as acquiescence to its request. Although reversal of the upgrade was possible within one month there were consequential damages in lost time and resources.

But the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is an even greater culprit and is something of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Purporting to be an update and not an upgrade we were expecting an easily reversible change that could be undone by System Restore. Or perhaps we might have expected something like a Service Pack of older Windows versions that consolidated many incremental updates and repaired deficiencies.

Instead we have a collection of unexpected new features and disabled capabilities.with a time-limited and awkward reversal. If Microsoft was attempting to deliver Windows 10.1 we should have been told.

A prosecution or civil suit under the Computer Misuse Act would be extremely expensive and vigorously defended by Microsoft. However, claims raised with the Small Claims Court are relatively cheap and, if not defended, would result in at least some redress for business and legal costs.

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