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I wonder how much of this business has been lost to the UK due to Brexit.

Or more correctly due to the mishandling of the whole thing.

Had we had an unambiguous question with respect to the EEA, then we would not be in such a mess.

As it was we had the leave campaign mixing these two totally different choices up, and only quoting the good bits of either.

Had the result been leave the EEA, at least everyone would know where they stand, and could concentrate on making the best of it.

Had the result been move back to the EFTA, then the whole thing would pretty much have been forgotten about by now, and business would be normal.

However we are now in the situation where any business with any serious EEA involvement will be sitting on their hands at best or at worst pushing investment elsewhere. If at the end of it all we are outside the EEA, then not only will we lose a huge chunk of EU businesses, we will also be years behind because of businesses waiting because they can't believe we would do anything so stupid. If we end up in the EEA, we will still be behind on all the investments that were postponed or relocated due to the uncertainty.

And this sort of business is one of the those which will really suffer.

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