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"Although companies are continuing to make cost savings by adopting the public cloud"

I've finally got to the bottom of this statement - I've always kept a very tight leash on cost, hence my data centre costs always come in 50-60% cheaper than cloud, hence I always called BS at this statement!

Recently I moved jobs, I was not aware what the new company had in place when I accepted, but after investigation, I found we were getting fleeced by a IaaS provider, they signed a 3 year contract agreeing to pay high five figures each month, for kit that had a purchase value of about £50k!

Recently the company has been investigating AWS, like-4-like they believe will cost them £10k per month - It no wonder people are starry eyed! With competent staff, we could probably do better for < £6k per month.

It comes down to this - Companies end up in this position because they see IT staff as a cost, not an enabler, so they scrimp on salaries, training and investment. But they don't realise they pay for it 10x in other ways.

A/C to protect the innocent!

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