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While you can't turn the radio off that allows the making and receiving of phone calls you can, without affecting the utility of a telephone terribly much, turn off WiFi (which you probably should do when not at home anyway), turn off Bluetooth (unless you are actively using it), turn off data (ditto) and, of course, turn off GPS. These save both battery (WiFi, data and GPS are big battery hogs, Bluetooth less so), probably some money (Android can have a certain background level of data use which might affect your data allowance) and will certainly make it harder for Google to find your precise location.

When you need to use the things, all it takes is a quick swipe and a tap to turn them on. Turning them off can be harder (particularly Location Services, which always seems to need a reboot to be certain it's off) but it really is worth it.

I would rather have a phone with 90% battery left at the end of the day, meaning that I can call home and ask them to put my dinner in the oven, than a phone with 10% battery left at the end of the day because it has been logging me as confined to the environs of my office for the previous seven hours - and struggling to do so (i.e. using oddles of battery) because both data and GPS signals are weak, and wondering whether it's worth making that phonecall or whether I should save that charge just in case I need to make an emergency call during my 75 minute journey home.


Of course I have standby chargers. The phone will charge from 10% to 90%+ in the car during my journey. Making a point, don'tcha know?

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