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Powershell - copy and paste code hell.

I've tried to bootstrap stuff over to Powershell.

Its not as easy as i should be.

Problem #1 - Different OSes have different Powershell versions, some of which are missing some features that I consider core. Lots of swearing getting an not so old box updated with consistent powershell version.

Problem#2 - Its more a wordy basic programming language than interactive shell. Its really slow to do cmdlines that are easy on Unix.

Problem#3 - Its slow. Really slooooooow. Several seconds to complete some command lines ffrom the interactive shell. I press TAB and wait ..........

Problem#4 - Its needs an editor of benevolent dictator in charge. Too many people shoving in too many commands.

There's some really good things about powershell. Its obvious that WIndows is going to fully adminned by PS and the Azure stack - But it needs a lot of coordination from MS which apperas to be missing.

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