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You don't seem to make the difference between Special Forces and conventional forces unless Special Forces routinely use tanks so your spiel about armoured forces in the Gulf War is totally IRRELEVANT. Concerning Algeria the French Army did not make the political decision to grant independence. The political leadership did.

Fighting the OAS was the job of the police and security forces (who subcontracted the dirty work to underworld elements). So another irrelevant remark from you.

On a side note I knew a French guy who did his National Service in Algeria serving in Military Intelligence (yeah, yeah, I know, spare us the lame jokes). He told me MI owned the Algerians through a XX (Double Cross) type operation similar to what the British did during WW2.

If French SpecOps are so bad why did Saudi Arabia specifically ask for French, not American or British mind you, operators to handle a hostage situation in Mecca in 1979?

I never wrote the French could teach the British about SFs. In fact to this day French SF freely admit what they owe to the British. I wast just pointing out that French SF are not as shabby as you try to make out.

Just like American or British intelligence or SF operations you learn about the failures and rarely about the successes.

I suspect you are so fundamentally biased against France and the French, that if the French were the only ones in the world to walk on water you would come up with "See, they are so lousy they don't even know how to swim".

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