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I like GitLab

I started using it at the beginning of this year and I'm much more comfortable in it than I was with GitHub (plus I like to support non Silicon Valley start-ups).

I like that it does not get in the way of your workflow. You can pick and choose what bits you use.

What I liked the most though, was that they offer unlimited private repositories even to non-paying customers. I pay now, but didn't for the first six months and nobody ever tried to sell me anything. That's how they won me over, as I was going to fork out for a GitHub subscription at first.

Lastly, their whole thing being open source is very much in line with my and my company's practice (we're 100% FOSS), and with much of their business being also open (e.g., you can read their internal market / hiring / strategy / etc. documents) I picked a few good ideas from there too.

No, I don't get paid by them. Just a happy punter.

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