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Jury is out?

I was pretty sure that Azure has kinda proven itself already.

The real question is whether public cloud will survive now that you can build an entire Azurr Stack in a few rack units capable of running ten thousand users. It's now officially cheaper to run Azure Stack instead of Azure, AWS or Google public clouds.

I have a 26U rack with eight 16 Core blades w/192GB each, 80Gb/sec networking to each blade, 8 terabytes of scale-out storage pumping over a million IOPs. I also bought a NetApp FAS2020 for near line backup storage.

The total cost of deployment for the entire system was about $10000 on eBay. I tend to only keep 3 blades running at a time since I only have 100 VDI users at a time. It spins up new VDI systems in about 13 seconds each. It has IIS, Load Balancing, SDN, SDS, etc... I tend to be at about 8% capacity for the three blades for normal office loads with 100 users.

Currently, it's a development pod and classifies as being able to run under the MSDN terms as lab equipment.

Getting Azure Stack up initially was a pain. Now, I've scripted the whole thing. A laptop with a fresh Windows 10 installation can download all the ISOs and deploy the entire Azure Stack in about an hour. I'm not using any fancy tools, just PowerShell. Since prepping ISOs as VHDs needs WAIK anyway, there was no point using anything except Powershell. I wrote it all object oriented and implemented a simple command queue pattern to implement the entire system with test driven development.

Now, Microsoft update does the rest.

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