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Location of Phone and User

Google or anyone else is not looking directly at who anyone is. It is a mass tracking system with millions of users. Nobody would have the time to manually look at each individual, and then for what direct purpose? This would take more than a lifetime. I would not think the system is even set up that way. If someone who had access to get in to their tracking system, they would certainly require the phone's ID such as the user name just to start to make a basic search. The info is all encrypted to begin with.

I know from what I've read in business publications Google and other companies sell demographic information. They sell information about the average user shopping habits like what products people are buying, and where they do their buying. Women and men each have their own types of shopping habits on the average. They want to know things like how many people are buying pet food, and the ratio of quantity for dogs or cats, and in what areas of the cities. They like to know in the various areas what income level of people tend to buy what product types. In the various areas the types of foods that are being consumed the most.

We have to consider when we use Google we do not pay any fees to use their services. There are other services that are also tracking us and we do not pay fees to use them. We get a lot of music, news, and videos from these services on our computers and on our portable devices. Someone has to pay for this. I would rather them do what they are doing than having to pay out fees every month for everything I access.

This type of info has value to advertisers, product distributors, and marketing companies. They are not interested directly about each individual. With the millions of users out there who's shopping and their travel habits are being monitored it would be a lifetime daunting task to start looking at them one by one and taking note of each one! And then who is going to read all that info? This is all done by computers using AI systems. They are generating consumer density maps, and huge bulk consumer data lists in numeric sequences. The various product retailers can then determine the required quantities and types of products to place on the shelves for consumers to purchase at the various locations. In a way in the end we also get better supplied services from these retailers.

My annoyance would be the battery usage from apps that I would not need to have tracking. I am using a Blackberry PRIV. I have not found any problems with battery usage. I did notice that when I use Google Search, at below the entry prompt I am seeing where I have been, and where I am. I also sometimes see suggestions. I was in a dining place just the other day, and when I opened Google Search it told me where I was, and if I would like to see their menu on their web site. It also told me where I last parked my car. It also made suggestions about the closest place I can get the best price for gasoline. As I scrolled down I saw more suggestions and more info about my activities.

Another one that may surprise many people. Our debit and credit cards are also being tracked in a similar way. They know the types of purchases, amounts of cash withdraws, and etc. Many of the large retailers are now taking electronic photos of the customers when paying out at the cash in their stores. Their systems are correlating the customer's face with their credit or debit card. They are also tracking the purchases. This is how they know what types of advertising to direct to the customer. They also add this info to their security system so they can know who their customers are. The security systems of today use bio-metrics to ID people from their collected database. Even many types of consumer photo cameras are capable of using basic bio-metrics to ID people. Our smart phones are capable to use this type of system.

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