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delete both Google Maps and Google Play

well, I was unhappy with how Google Maps wanted to serve their offline maps (only limited number of them, for a LIMITED time), so... uninstall. Then, with a mod OS, Google Play was found out screaming LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!!!! So I did let it go too. Then, a few others apps started complaining, and they went too.

Sadly, the Signal app is one of those that "won't run without Google Play services, which are missing from your phone. GET GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES." While it whinges and every few months does refuse to work any longer, wanting me to go to google play to download the updated version, it does resume, when I install an update from other places (which is a risk). There's an interesting threat somewhere, related to f-droid and Signal, where the developer behind Signal, after all, paranoid about privacy, does concede that he'd rather trust google than let his app go and be available from other sources, which could make it vulnerable to... 3rd party modifications, shall we say. Very interesting, and he does have a point, although it is ironic, that to protect user privacy, he's kind of forced to rely on - Google. Who watches the watchers, whom we know, are leechers?

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