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yes, for a vast majority it's a standard practice to leave GPS enabled (probably because this is how it was when they first got it on contract, and they never found out, how to turn it off (so you say, you actually have to TURN ON gps to find your location on your smartphone?! I thought it was like always on...). Likewise wifi, automatic updates, data over mobile networks, brightness full on (great colour palette on that phone, shame not to use it). The vast majority NEVER go anywhere near their phone "settings" menu, never mind the evil art of rooting. After all, it leads down the darkest bottoms of hell with a black screen and (usually) green lines of text lurking at unsuspecting humans.

But there, a beacon of light, a friendly hand of Google to help you out. And why not to trust them, with such a cuddly, lively, sun-lit logo? Thank God for GOOGLE!

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