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Google Play Service is used among many things - for Google Cloud Messaging - recently renamed Firebase Cloud Messaging. Yes other apps will work fine without Google Play Services if they implement their own connection to their own servers - now let me tell you why that is bad. Android has ALWAYS had a 24/7 connection open to Google servers (initially for Google Talk, but things like Calendar and Contacts updates came down the same connection). If EVERY app used Google Play Services to rely on Push Messaging, then every time your phone loses connection and reconnects to the network, only ONE permanent socket needs to be re-established, but if everyone uses their own delivery system then on every re-connection to the mobile network - every single socket needs to be re-established. This is terrible for battery efficiency. (As of Marshmallow onwards, every app that needs it's own servers for push messaging will also need to be excluded from Doze, in order to still work when the phone is Dozing)

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