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"....all the American military victories since WW2..." At least the Yanks have some, unlike the French! Two Gulf Wars and the invasion of Afghanistan, both military victories even if the politicians screwed it up afterwards (and that means Obama's administration, not Bush's). Korea - US-led military victory in driving back the joint Chinese and Nork invasion. Add Panama and Grenada to the list. Even in Viet Nam (caused by the failed French colonial action) the US military won the battles, it was the US politicians that turned military victory into political defeat. Oh, and I see you put in "since WW2" so you didn't have to face the embarrassing admission that Nazi-occupied France itself was liberated by the Yanks and Brits. In fact, outside of US-led UN operations like the Gulf War, the French haven't had any military victories since the Great War (when the Yanks and Brits also saved their bacon).

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