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I posted this on another thread

The NHS understanding of the term "security" circa 2007 :

"Thank you for your email. The site is secure, in that it is in a secure data

centre with several layers of network access security. Your data is stored in a

protected database server, only available to you when you log in with your username and password and, where applications are completed, available for viewing by the employer that advertised the vacancy that you submitted the application for.

Your data is not 'sent' anywhere, but is viewable through the web browser by you and the employer for which the application was intended once you or they have logged in to the site.

Making an application online without encryption is in line with normal practice on jobs and recruitment sites. However, more importantly, all aspects of the service and how it operates have been the subject of a review by an independent security consultant and by the Dept. of Health security officer before the service went live.

I hope that this has addressed your concerns. "

I had protested that the application to be submitted was not over a secure channel, this was the

reply. Perhaps things will change.

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