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"....They have the most active personel...." Yes, but they're French - their best troops are foreign, they even have a special Legion just because their best troops are Foreign.

"....most naval forces....." With how much combat experience in the last fifty years? A few tiny involvements in UN actions? Great for picking up migrants out of the Med but probably not much else.

"......(greece has the most tanks) but france has more than us....." But they're French tanks, with French crews, which means they only work in reverse and come with the French armoured corp's special battleflag - a white fleur de Lis, flanked by two white lions rampant, on a white background. As history shows, all you have to say is "Est-ce un char allemande?" to get those French tankers waving that special battleflag with vim and vigour!

"....(thought they have almsot double the Aerial refueling and transport)...." Very important for "those strategic retreats" the French are so famous for.

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