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This is directed at Leavers in general as much as the commenter.

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I'll give you 2 examples of your 'appointed by your elected government" commission

Neil Kinnock (remember him) rejected at the polls in 1987, and 1992 by the voters in favour of the fracking tories, resigns from his job as labour leader (and there was much rejoicing)

Next thing we know hes our EU commisioner.... hold on... we never voted for him, in fact we rejected him holding power at the polls twice... and now hes got his mits on some power... yeah very democratic

The other example was a few years later when a French commisioner was found to have hired most of her home village on the EU payroll including her dentist.

Well lets get rid of her for being somewhat corrupt.... oh we cant... the EU parliment can only remove the entire commission not individuals, only member governments can remove individuals (note.. not the voters) and the parliment came under pressure from the governments and ended up not firing the lot.

The commission is patronage pure and simple, you get matey with the guys in charge of your country.. well they'll give you a cushy EU job as a reward.. especially if you've just done a stirling job sucking up to the chinese in Hong Kong...

Remember Tony Benn's old saying "who gave you that power? and how do I get rid of you?"

It appears that we, the people of Europe, dont have the power to get rid of them

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