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UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man

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Yep, lilly livered European politicians have set up a borderless EU without remembering that the nastier aspects of life also has to be dealt with. Some sage professional pointed out that you can't have separate police forces and intelligence operations unless you also have border controls between those policing and intelligence zones. With open borders, they're all at the level of the weakest police force and intelligence outfit in Europe, with nice autoroutes and high speed trains to carry bad guys anywhere unhindered.

It's also interesting to note how the Germans, whose politicians put on a good display of righteous indignation over the Snowden revelations, turn out to have been up to a lot of the same tricks themselves. It paints a picture of German politicians also being completely uninterested in and un-inquiring of policing and intelligence. That doesn't bode well for the future.

Government rule of thumb. Shit happens. A lot more shit will happen unless you do something about it. Avoid all things that lead to a greater potential for more shit happening. If European politicians can't see the pile of shit and see that shit has to be dealt with promptly and seriously, there's going to be a shit load more shit to deal with, again.

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