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First of all, Europol is not an EU setup.

Are you certain about that?

You're right, I missed the word "exclusive" from that sentence

The Europol site itself states the same as Wikipedia (what an amazing coincidence - it's almost literally the same /snark), but it also states

working closely with law enforcement agencies in the 28 EU Member States and in other non-EU partner states and organisations

My confusion comes from the fact that my discussions with Europol are rarely contained to EU-only nations (doing some development that crosses borders).

I can see where this warning comes from, although I disagree with the heavy political slant that message has been given: the UK has never quite been comfortable with the EU's approach to Data Protection (by sheer coincidence there was one Theresa May being pretty much in the middle of that). A Brexit will most certainly cause a divergence from EU regulation, which creates problems for Europol to share data in a way that remains compliant with the rules in place at the source.

It's already hard enough just inside the EU - there may be central directives, but quite a few nations have interpreted that in their own way so Europol is forever jumping through hoops to gather and coordinate data on criminal activity. Data Protection isn't quite as normalised throughout the EU as Brussels wants you to think it is.

What Theresa May will do once they've disconnected from that is anyone's guess, but based on her Home Office activities I think it's a fair bet to assume it won't be good news for data protection and Human Rights.

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