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We had a 14:13 majority on a question of whether we should leave the EU, where there was an awful lot of distortions of the truth.

This is not a safe enough margin to be a mandate for the UK to leave the EU.

(I will accept that the margin in England and Wales could be considered safe, but not across the whole UK).

Furthermore the question asked was simply should the UK leave the EU.

It was not should the UK leave the EEA, should the UK throw out all foreigner, should the UK scrap human rights or even should the UK behave like a bunch of Xenophobes.

Anything beyond reversing the move from EFTA to EEC (and hence remaining in the EEA) is an outrageous extrapolation of the already tenuous mandate.

To be fair, although I am pro remain, I think we have totally blown all our credibility in the EU and reversing the decision would be unlikely to leave us in the same position of disproportionate influence we were in, so I feel the Norway model is the only sane option. (Although Scotland should be given the chance to remain in the EU, whether by some federal UK fudge or independence I don't care.)

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