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UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man


@nematoad - Sorry m8, I don't mean to pick you out but your comments are what really annoys me, we had a vote for Brexit, it happend, thats the end of it, now get over it, people like you keep on painting doom and gloom as if you want the UK to go down the plug-hole just to prove a point that you were right and we were wrong ! What will happen if suddenly UK becomes super wealthy would you then say, "sh*t I was wrong so sorry guys !", nahh you will say, "Just you wait, next year the UK will go down the plug-hole just you wait and see, this is just a temporary blip ! - sheesh !

I just wonder if you do the same thing after whatever particular party you voted for doesn't get into Parliament - Do you still moan and groan how stupid the country is for voting X or Y into power or maybe you don't vote at all just so that you can moan about something rather than just getting on with it like 99% of UK citizens ?

I know what it is, I finally worked it out, you are a masochistic person and want the UK to go down the plug-hole - So sorry I just didn't realize what you were !

Try being a person that looks at life like it is a half full glass of beer, rather than its half empty or in your case that you didn't actually get to goto the pub because you are too busy moaning about the Brexit and that more than 50% of the voting people get it wrong - in your opinion !

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