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".....Yes, an operational agreement can be put in place, no, it won't give access to all the systems that the UK can currently access." Not to worry, I'm sure the GCHQ and UK Police are the main populators of all the useful data in the Europol databases anyway. The limits on inter-country sharing of data inside the EU have been made horrifically obvious by the ease with which the Deash mounted the Paris attacks and Brussels bombings, all committed by known criminals with known connections to Islamic extremists. It seems whatever data is in the Europol databases the EU seem unable to make practical security use of it.

What isn't sourced from the UK the GCHQ will probably be accessing anyway, or getting via existing agreements with the NSA, FBI, DEA, DIA (and a host of non-EU police and intelligence forces).

This is just another pointless Eurosulk.

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