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Politicians represent interests.

The level of sharing between Europol and "Independent" UK is mostly a DPA matter.

_ALL_ Eu countries have some level of vested interest in "Independent" UK being deemed DPA-unsafe. The unsafer, the better (for them). Every notch of unsafeness is one more Datacenter and one more piece of business by a Eu company which is presently run in Slough or somewhere else in the UK being moved to Ireland, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. It is the same as with other business. One less Nissan factory in Sunderland is one more Nissan factory in let's say Varna or Timishoara.

So, I do not quite see this opinion as a hidden agenda case. It is more of a realistic assessment.

After the initial dismay, Europe is now looking at the UK the way vultures are looking at a fresh roadkill. Quoting Ice age: "And it looks like there might be a fatality. I call the dark meat". That attitude does not quite facilitate any sharing any time soon.

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