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Digital is much more dangerous than nuclear, PM, because it can so readily nowadays, accurately and anonymously target key personnel who would be thinking themselves practically invisible and virtually immune from violent executive mob and mobilised action/reaction/proaction.

Latter Day Untouchables and Post Modern Victims and Persons of Interest for Radical ReProgramming or Permanent Removal with Character Assassination from the Great Games that are being played on a daily zeroday basis/when things are decided daily on the hoof and for mainstream media to report on as a decided and negotiated truth to the ignorant masses.

However, for that to be serially successful, must discovered and/or uncovered intelligence be denied in favour of right royal old and ancient fictions, and that is the road to nowhere good where all is constantly bad and defeating, so success there is suicidal and oxymoronic and a certain certifiable Grand Master's Folly. MAD is as MADness does and worlds are full of crazy fools with blunt arrogant tools.

Spaces in CyberSpace are not the Final Frontier, they are the Permanent Novel Gateways to a Hell on Earth or a Heaven with Stars ..... and all transient points in between. Choose your journeys wisely, for they have no return whenever one assumes and presumes lead at XSSXXXX.alted Levels and significant others would challenge the wisdom of your leadership when delivering austere and inequitable packets of information/corrupt intelligence for perverse practices.

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