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Second, I think the majority of the 'blame' for the result comes from successive governments - on both sides - utterly failing the people. This lead to growing distrust of 'business as usual' and made conditions ripe for the likes of Nigel Farage, just as the same situation in the US led to Donald Trump gaining the Republican nomination. Similar circumstances are being played-out in many countries.

I wish I had more upvotes. I see the same in the Netherlands where someone line Geert Wilders is whipping up unheard of emotional sentiment by pure demagoguery. The man doesn't have anything positive to offer or solutions that are actually workable (pretty much like all the extreme right people), but they gain leverage by causing extreme discontent and have no problem with the mayhem they cause. Heck, I even have family mumbling that "the man says what people think" whereas I by training recognise such people the moment they open their mouth (very frustrating, I know how families with mixed remain/brexit votes feel).

They would not have been able to gain any traction if the centre had not been failing the people by a total lack of leadership. To me, the problem at the root of all this is this weird trend of wanting to lead by consent, because that means someone is leading without any fixed convictions and the media has far more influence that it ought to have. I think the role of the media is guarding the truth, not actively attempting to make policy.

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