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There is still a place for the humble cheque. Both at the low end, e.g inside a birthday card, and especially for high value payments.

I was recently lucky enough to be able to pay for a flat with my own funds. I paid the deposit via bank transfer, this was over the online transfer limit so I thought I had to go into the branch. FOUR HOURS later (apointments not available for making a transfer, why don't you go online sir?) and £25 lighter I finally escaped.

The bank (Barclays) made me wait two hours to see someone and then forced me into a chargable CHAPS same day transfer because they don't allow free faster payments transfers from personal accounts for more than the online transfer limit despite the system supporting up to £250,000 per payment. Effecting the transfer took nearly 2 hours and three members of staff as the first two weren't properly trained in how to do it.

When the time came to pay the balance I gave the lawyer a cheque (there is no limit on cheques). Cleared in a few days, no hassle at all.

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