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"Summon an Uber car and driver, where everything is recorded, where drivers are rated by passengers, and where you can pick your driver on whatever criteria you consider important, or . . . . get in a taxi with an anonymous driver who will not even be connected to you if your body shows up in a ditch the next day...

That's an argument for one service model over another and that's great, but no one here is saying: "taxis are awesome and Uber is dreadful" so I'm not sure what position you are arguing against.

Personally, I've never felt any danger at all in any single taxi I've ever been in. I've been annoyed by ineptitude, inconvenienced by delays, shocked by fares and offended by racist remarks (not directed at me) but I've never been worried about my safety.

That's not a mark in the plus column for taxis, though, as I consider that a basic standard.

But I digress - the question here is whether the authorities were justified in handing down a per-incident fine to a business for breaking the law repeatedly, deliberately and without remorse after being expressly, officially told to stop.

So far, I haven't seen one single reason why this fine is not justified.

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