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Surge pricing? How about surge fines: Pennsylvania orders Uber to cough up $11.4m

The Nazz

my two cents worth*

Two points :

1. Just how hard can it be for Uber to become "legal" and register as the taxi operator it so clearly is? Technically, easy. Philosophically difficult.

2. Advice to Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania : when drafting legislation for "ridesharing", make it relevant to that and not operating an unlicensed taxi service like Uber.

It worries me that the leading official in the State/Commenwealth intimates that Uber is merely ridesharing. Surely that is dishonest, disingenuous at best.

It also amuses me that often the US are the forerunners in cracking down on "rogue" banks who bend the rules or the corrupt businesses who use "bribery" to win business.

What's the difference between bribery and such as appointing key IOC Veeps as "ambassadors", for the victory ( well, Goddess of)? The US seems to rather like the latter approach.

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