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"Far better to be upfront, pro-active in writing/dealing with TV-licensing, you get nowhere just ignoring them. That's just my experience from having to deal with them every couple of years, just to confirm nothing has changed (or in this case where it has)."

That sounds like you have been quite unfortunate.

When I got my own household (~7 years ago) I decided I didn't need a TV - I didn't watch it that much, and iplayer was available on the computer for the few things I wanted to see.

So, within a few days a licence fee request arrives - I didn't open it as it was addressed to someone else, just wrote "RTS - no longer at this address" and put it in a letterbox.

From then on, every few weeks, I got various reminders/demands/threats sent to "The Legal Occupier" which when read carefully were just waffle - full of "may"s "could"s etc. - they are filed in the recycling bin.

Only once someone actually came round - the exchange went like this:

"I'm from TV licensing, do you..."

"I don't need one."

"Do you have a television?"

"I don't need one." (Closes window.)

Any attempt to make their lives easier makes yours more difficult - unless they can prove you require a licence and don't have one, they can't really do anything.

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