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True story

I live in a converted building made into flats. Well, two building knocked into one but only one front door. The Beeb licensing unit kept writing to the flats using all 3 addresses ie Flat 1, 20 New Street, Flat 1, 21 New Street, Flat 1 20/21 New Street. I got them to change all the records to point to just 20 New Street. Someone in one of the flats signed up for a license using Flat 1, 21 New Street. Stupid girl.

TV van came around and man with flashing lights on a black box said you've got a telly but no license. The box says so. Girl produces her TV license. Bloke confirms it's legit and says 'But you don't have a TV license'. Huh? What's that in your hand? A TV license for this property. But the box (with the flashing lights) disagrees. Girl tells him to f-off.

When I heard this it just confirmed what I thought all along. The Beeb can't detect shit. They do however have everyones address and just matches license info with addresses.

I cancelled my license and they wanted to know why and where I was going (to make sure that place had a license). Told them to f-off. I wasn't going anywhere, just don't watch TV anymore (mainly!!!).

So, if anyone gets a man with a box with flashing lights at their door - grab it, throw it on the ground and stamp on it. You'll see the inside is empty apart from I assume a couple of AA batteries and a chip to flash the LEDs.

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