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"... before free mobile came along and scooped up every Frenchman with a working pair of braincells"

I'm with Orange. My everything bundle costs €70 a month. Why do I pay more?

Easy. I have watched Free and Orange arguing over who is responsible for a faulty setup for SIX months. Free said the box worked fine, it was Orange. Orange said the line worked fine, it was Free. Turned out to be a faulty ADSL filter, though it took half a year (paying all the while for nothing) plus a lot of hassle before that got identified as the cause.

And just this week? Woman has moved into a new place and her SFR box isn't working with the phone line. Rinse, repeat, recycle.

I have to analogue phone line. My phone is VoIP from the Livebox. It's a 4.7km long overhead line. I live rural. If I had a broadband contact with somebody else and there was a problem with the line [*], how long do you think it would take Orange to consider looking at the line of a subscriber that isn't even paying them? I rely on having connectivity, I pay through the nose so I can feel that I won't be dicked around by two companies mostly uninterested in me. In my experience, French customer service is very friendly but mostly useless, so minimising the excuse potential is good. I might have gone with Free if I was in an urban area, but out here it's too risky. Besides Free quote me a single megabit. I get a reliable two off Orange. Degroup test. Don't remember the URL, you give it your phone number and it gives you all the offers that are available.

* - we're techies, we know that if the line isn't approx -48V at rest then something is wrong.

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