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Hans 1

Ripp-off Britain

Let's compare this:

EE: £17.99 2GB Unlimited [Minutes] Unlimited [texts]

Mine: £17.00 50Gb Unlimited [Minutes] Unlimited [texts] +++

1. I can call landlines in approx 100 countries, fully comp

2. I can call mobiles in US/Canada, fully comp

3. I have 35days/year roaming (data, voice, text) included in Europe, US, Australia*

Click on "Le forfait sans engagement en détail" on the 15€ 99/19€ 99 offer ... I took 19€ 99 for the conversion ... I live in France ... EE's rates look like what our rates were ... before free mobile came along and scooped up every Frenchman with a working pair of braincells or calculator handy ...

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