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Re: Seymour Papert's "Mindstorms" - a good, no - a /great read/ ... inspirational ...

There was a sci-fi novel about people being educated at various stages of their life by an electronic transfer into their brains. It started with the ability to read - then went on to their career specialisation skills. They obtained jobs by public competitions to show off their skills.

Those who failed the pre-test for the reading transfer were not eligible - and were labelled "defectives". They were then educated slowly by being allowed to attend any schoolroom lessons that interested them.

The twist in the plot was that the "defectives" were actually being encouraged to be the inventors and innovators. Their transfer peers were on the scrapheap as soon as a new variant on their skills emerged - as they did not have the ability to learn something new.

The novel does not apparently get listed in a relevant Wikipedia article.

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