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Of course.

Does anyone remember Perceptrons, the classic? (See also, here)

I have to say ... I haven't read it myself. But I remember a "Computer Recreations" article Scientific American by Dewdney discussing the failings of the perceptron. The idea of wanting to build a "box that lights a little light if you point it at a cat" just blew my mind.

(Update: It grabbed a copy from the SciAm store for a few dollars. This was a special issue on "Computer Software" and it has articles by Alan Kay, Niklaus Wirth, Lawrence Tesler, Peter Denning & Robert Brown, Terry Winograd, Andries van Dam, Michael lesk, Alfred Spector, Stephen Wolfram, Douglas Lenat. Damn!

It also discusses "inherently safe nuclear reactors", we are still not there. And is ad-laden to the point of unreadability ...)

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