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An acquaintance's 11 year old son was recently enthusing about using the internet and was interested in electronics. After making sure his parents were not technophobes - I offered to give him an Arduino development kit from my large stock of parts. No tuition was being offered - basically he could learn by experiment and the internet. His father turned very frosty and declined in a way that suggested they now regarded me as some sort of predator.

With all the paranoia these days it is hard to see a return to the 1960s when young teenage boys went to Amateur Radio Clubs on their own. They were then educated by both amateur and professional electronics people - usually men. That's where I learned about electronics after my first dabblings at home - and passed on my knowledge to my peers as a founding member of a radio club at school.

The neighbours' kids are wowed by my Halloween SFX - but none of them seem interested in how it is done. Being Lego fanatics doesn't necessarily seem to be a step towards electronics and programming hobbies - even when they have an introduction to the subjects at school.

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