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"until a couple of years ago, Linux on ARM was pretty poor."

Maybe the household names didn't have ARM support, but in the small and not-so-small embedded systems Linux world there were plenty of Linuxes (commercially supported and otherwise), some of them more than capable of providing all you need for a compute-oriented node. I used to use MontaVista simply because that's what the hardware/box vendor supported, but other options were readily available.

Whereas neither Intel nor SPARC had (or probably will have in the foreseeable future) any significant presence in the compute-node market. Intel's NextUnitofComputing [1], or this quarter's hot SoC from an ARM partner? It's not really a difficult decision for most people even if Windows is currently a pre-requisite (which is a bit rare in the HPC world, despite several years of MS trying to strongarm people into using Compute Cluster Server 2003 and then Windows HPC Server 2008 and friends).


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