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"Investigating would be a good idea. In fact it's such a good idea that the correct sequence is investigate, fix, restart."

In the meantime, let's just leave the corporate website offline since me not being a machine myself, I am asleep and in bed. If you have sysadmins on hand 24/7 then great, do that. But in reality you rarely have the right people around all the time and often the failures tend to be simple things. Also I have not seen the type of corruption occur that you are talking about, but this maybe because I try to set-up things to not break in the first place. If your application is something that MIGHT corrupt data then sure, you might not want it to auto-restart. If like the type of things I deal with, you have methods of recovery such as Galera SSTs or it's apache services that have no permissions to write to file to begin with, it's usually not that much of an issue.

But more so, systemd has other lovely things it can do on failure, it's not pretty but it is possible to make systemd send an e-mail or run another service, sysvinit has nothing.

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