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Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.

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RE: Ropewash & printers

Printers are always a pain on any OS - you can get grief on "commercial" software..

We had a scanner / printer that had worked fine on partners old Mac.

When partner got a newer mac (with massively newer version of OSX) the old printer was not supported by Apple, printer manufacturer did not provide drivers for anything other than way back versions of OSX.

OK, it was an old printer - but it still worked and would have been a pity buying a new one needlessly.

Fortunately, with OSX being UNIX under the covers, I was able to sort it out for the non techy partner by seeking out CUPS drivers made for unix distros, so cheers to the UNIX community for sorting a Mac issue & prolonging life of old priter / scanner.

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