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When I move a main heading in Word's Outline View, it carries all of the text below it up to the next main heading. Ditto for sub headings. Navigator only moves a little bit of what's below a heading, leaving most of what was between it and the next main heading in place.

Ah, OK, I understand now.

I think this depends a bit on how you work with the Navigator. If I'm moving whole chapters I tend to collapse their content, and at that point it's a matter of grabbing it with the mouse and moving it, and the whole lot comes at once. If I want to move pieces I personally find it easier to simply open an extra window on the same text so I can drag & drop chunks across.

I managed to totally fuck up a document I've been working on for a considerable time. Thank goodness I keep snapshots of any work in progress. Only a few hours wasted.

I've worked with Word from the days it was more "What You See Is Roughly What You'll Get", and in all the years that I suffered that, Auto-save never actually did. Thus, saving frequently becomes a must anyway. LO is in that respect better, but the LO people did one thing wrong: "Save a new version" (File - Versions) is not a single function, so you're always forced to cook up a macro to make it a single-key action, the same as "Paste text only without adding any &^%#$ formatting debris". The latter is IMHO the real cause of Word document problems: there really is no more efficient way to utterly screw over a document than doing a lot of cut & paste which allows it to scatter formatting fragments all over the place and confuse itself.

That, more than costs, was eventually the key driver to move to LO: if I have to use LO to open a document that Word can no longer open without crashing (because of the mess it made itself) I might as well save myself the trouble and stay in LO, and learn how that works instead. It also means I don't have to start excavating useful commands from deep inside the menu structure every time Microsoft decides to foist an UI change on us because it needs to sell a new version and by God, I hate that &^%#$ ribbon (and it appears I'm not the only one).

That said, there is one Word function I could really do with in LO, and that is "resume last cursor position" (Shift-F5). There is no LO equivalent, and it's super handy if you're in a long document and need to look something up. I solve that by usually having 2 windows open on a long document (one edit, one view), but that's not quite the same.

On balance, I now prefer LO. Your mileage appears to differ, of course - if you're frequently use a Word specific function it makes sense to stay with Word. That is, until Microsoft decides they need to change the UI again, of course :).

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