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Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.

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There's no Outline View like in Word so I'm back running Word in a Win7 VM

You'll have to explain to me why you'd need that. I have as yet not found a need for that, but I assume you need it because there's no other way for you to keep an overview - in which case you *certainly* need LibreOffice.

When I construct a document framework, I start with the chapter headings - that, indeed, is an outline. But after that I have the LO Navigator open which is substantially more powerful and flexible than Word's overview functions as it also offers a live overview and navigation of other document elements such as text frames, graphics, indexes, tables, even document searches.

The Navigator is one of the key reasons I would never switch back to Word again - it's simply a superior approach to navigation and management of complex documents.

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