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"Linux is in the hands of the "developers" and they don't care about end users."

While I've certainly said something very similar to that on occassion, it's not entirely true and also not a game-breaking detail. Eventually someone doing dev work wants to use the program in a way that makes it beneficial for all users.

Sure a guy isn't going to sit down and say "How can I make this exactly what the people who aren't even thanking me let alone paying me want it be?" but he might sit down and say "Shit. This thing doesn't work how I want it to. I'mma gonna change that." Sometimes that change is exactly what everyone wanted. (for a given value of "everyone")

Sometimes the user doesn't even notice when there's a new and useful change;

I've been mounting .iso images and smb shares manually for so long that I didn't even notice that you can click your way through it now. (though the clicking seems more convoluted to me than the mount command, but that's just habit.). As a sub-entry to that, the mount command used to need a flag for smb. Now it just knows. That's pretty useful too.

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