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"I don't think Mr Apple does that all the time"

How cute. A weapons manufacturer trying to justify extensive testing by comparison with civilian, not-for-killing manufacturers. And that from a company producing a product that is guaranteed to sell, especially these days.

I'm glad to know that there are such stringent standards in place for ensuring that the rough transport conditions of deadly weaponry will not result in haphazard explosions and useless loss of limb or life. It is particularly reassuring to know that the Death industry is very, very attentive to only bring death when it is specifically requested (by pulling the trigger).

But really, guys, comparing with an iPhone ? Come on, Apple doesn't need such standards (nor does Samsung). A broken phone is one that will be replaced, so it's a business opportunity. That's the view. It's okay to have phones that break (from a manufacturer's point of view). It is not okay to have bullets that go off by themselves (from a soldier's point of view).

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