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Up until very recently Citrix had a thing for renaming things for no apparent reason on a regular basis. Not just whole products either, but components within the product when service packs/feature releases came out.

The first Citrix exam I did was for Metaframe XP. I went on a training course which was based on the initial release. By the time I did the exam feature release 2 had been released. I had to do a web course on the differences between the initial release and FR2. I would hazard a guess that about 50% of the web course was just stating the new names of things, which you needed to know for the exam as it had very stupid questions about what things were currently called (so if you answered Citrix management console instead of management console for Citrix you got it wrong).

Probably the best example was when they rebranded Presentation server as Xenapp, even retrospectively renaming the old versions (yeah, that thing you have been using for the last few years, it is actually called Xenapp. What? It says Presentation Server on the console?)

The only recent case of pointless renaming has been Branch Repeater -> Wanscaler -> Cloudbridge.

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