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Microsoft bins Azure RemoteApp, says go with Citrix instead

John Sanders

Citrix ICA

Was always great, and almost the only product that mattered on the Citrix product porfolio, hence why Citrix neglected it lately (At some point they though on discontinuing it due to MS RemoteApp pressure)

I have fond memories of setting Citrix server farms.

I never understood why Citrix kept changing the name, WinFrame, MetaFrame, Presentation Server, then XenApp.

Funny how over the years everybody kept calling it just Citrix.

I think what MS has done here is to cede Citrix the Remote application side of their Azure operation, in exchange Citrix is to finish the screwing of Xen (the virtual platform)

I foresee that Citrix will get rid of Xen in 3...2...1...

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